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Me? Why, what a wild and crazy accusation! No no, it was that OTHER girl.
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It would seem that the girl with the gun didn't approve of his 'heroics' which wasn't much of a surprise. He didn't really expect to get away that easy anyhow. No, because that would be too simple and straight-forward, and it wasn't like he was trying to find his best friend before she shot someone else. So, really, no rush. At least Tabi was awake. That was a step in the right direction. After all, he was the only reason he'd stepped out onto the beach and it would be a dreadful waste of time for everyone involved if he had to leave without her. Also bad because, you know, friend and all. A number of things, really.

Naturally, the gun pointed at them complicated things. The girl wielding it seemed sort of familiar, but not enough so that he could actually remember her name. Leah? Something short. It was probably irrelevant, as he doubted he could talk his way out of this. Probably the best he could do was play along and hope she didn't shoot them anyway. Well, if she didn't shoot them, she'd certainly rob them. After all, she wasn't going to risk a potential fight if she wasn't going to get something out of this.

Still, he figured the surprise in his bag might...deter her from taking it. Even if she did, he still had the bag he tok from Kris hidden in the trees. Honestly, his foresight surprised even him, because that's obviously why he took it. Obviously. Still, if he was robbed, at least he'd found Tabi. It was a sure thing that she'd tag along, even if he wasn't going to find Kris. Maybe she'd seen her on her mad spring out of the swamp and across the island? Doubtful, he knew, but he may as well ask. After the girl with the gun was gone, clearly. It might have gone without saying, but he'd been pretty reckless before so better to leave nothing to doubt.

As Tabi did return to the world of the conscious, she took the most recent developments with a bit of a shock. Her sudden dash forward took him completely by surprise, and there was little he could do but take a stumbling step after her before she did something crazy. See, In Etain's mind, Tabi was in shock still, and as such, liable to make a rash action. Like, say make a run on...Clia?

Of course, Penguin seemed to have thoughts on that subject too. Any forward motion on Etain's part was suspended with the opening of the umbrella in what could be called at the least an unexpected move. He had a faint sense of movement behind the cover of the umbrella as he tried to stop before running straight into the cover. Of course, when the umbrella shifted upwards, that ceased being an issue. Penguin's fist came out of nowhere and for a second Etain was sure he had to be seeing things. After all, they both had a gun pointed at them, no way he'd be stupid enough to-

Etain saw stars as he stumbled backward, his vision blurring and the world seeming to shift. Eventually, he feet lost traction on the sand and he found himself falling on his ass. For a few seconds, he was stunned between the combination of pain and surprise. Not only did he actually punch him, he damn near broke his jaw! What did he do to warrant that?! For a minute, Etain totally forgot about the woman with the gun (Clio?) and his focus turned entirely toward the boy who hit him. "What tha hell was tha' for?!" He shouted, one hand braced behind him, the other rubbing his sore jaw. "That how ya treat ev'ryone who tries ta do what ya ask?" Gingerly, Etain climbed to hit feet and stabbed a finger in the other boys direction while making sure he was out of range this time. "Nice foockin' sense of priorities, ya damn idgit! Or did ya ferget abou' the gun pointed at us? Maybe ya should worry 'bout tha' first, aye?"

Fuming, Etain turned back towards the girl and belatedly realized he'd made the mistake of forgetting all about her, albeit briefly and not in as extreme a manner as Penguin. "Ya want ta shoot someone, do ya? Shoot tha' idiot with the bad judgment..." Etain mumbled to himself, folding his arms across his chest while trying not to think how sore his jaw was going to be if they made it out of here.
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