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((G117 Start- Jessie Anderson))

No this can't be happening... why is it happening to us, it must be a joke, it can't happen to us, not us, not me, not... why me!

If she was that kind of girl, Jessie would have been swearing like a trooper down in the tunnels, where she had been blindly stumbling around for what had seemed like hours, yet was probably only minutes. Her head was hurting and the air tasted odd, like something was coasting the oxygen and made it taste off. Not knowing whether it was her being underground (who knew how deep) or maybe they had hit her head when they had put her down in the tunnels, but it all seemed almost like a dream. Only the cold feel of the wall made her think otherwise, as she pushed on them with one hand while holding the small torch with the other.

As soon as she had woken up she had checked her bag and was almost relieved to find that she had been given such a ridiculous item to fight with. Besides paper-cutting someone else to death, what harm could she do with the gossip rag? Besides possibly boring herself to death with the inane celebrity content. Shifting the bag over her shoulder, she was just thankful that she didn't have to carry something that was potentially lethal. Even the pressure of carrying something that could kill someone if she lashed out in anger...... No, she didn't want to think about that, not think about the inevitable fate of the games players, her fellow students.

But somewhere in this darkened tunnel, all Jessie could hear was the screams and cries of someone needing help and instinctively, she went to find the source of it to help. Some may call it foolish, but if someone was hurt, you could be damn sure that Jessie wouldn't sit on her ass when she could be helping them. Never did it occur to the girl that it could be a trick or a ploy to draw someone in to kill them. Seeing the shaking flashlight fall on a girls figure, Jessie hurried over towards her, concern covering her self-preservation. Even on the ice-rink with all the protective gear, if someone went down, Jessie would always check on them the first chance she got to make sure they were ok, as long as it didn't interfere with the game.

Call it her being brought up well, but she was always taught to extend that hand, be the good samaritan, even if it wasn't always in your best interests, to help someone was always the right thing to do, even if they didn't deserve it. But somewhere in these tunnels there was a girl from her school, on the floor crying for help and assistance and Jessie would be damned if she didn't go over there and make sure the girl was ok. Most literally probably. Unless this game they had been thrown into really was hell. Even if this was part of her being tested, Jessie wouldn't be the one too snap and take an innocent life.

In the back of her mind, she thought about all the people she needed to see and find out if they were ok, especially Dan and Imraan. She hoped that she would have a chance to see them soon, hoped she wouldn't hear that they had been attacked or injured from the other students.

"Hey there, I'm here to help, ok? Are you hurt.... Gloria isn't it? It's me, Jessie, Jessie Anderson. Don't worry I am unarmed, I'm here to help, OK?" she said as she approached the hysterical figure, unaware of the other people close to them in the tunnels. The small beam from the torch illuminated her face as she swung it upwards to show the girl who she was, so that Gloria wouldn't try to stab or shoot her. Reaching out a hand to comfort the girl, she hoped her assistance wouldn't be rejected in a violent way.
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