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(Naoko Raidon continued from Two Roads Diverged in a Dark Hellhole)

Naoko Raidon still refused to use a flashlight.

He'd been hearing things in the tunnels, little snippets of sound; voices, for the most part. A great deal of yelling, earlier; a few sobs, scattered here and there.

And then an outbreak of sobbing surprisingly close. Raidon froze, his fingers trailing across the gun. He could barely see in here, but the tunnels were surprisingly well-made; the floors were smooth, thought dusty and occasionally cluttered by pebbles, and the turns tended to be gentle, although one place where this wasn't too had resulted in him rapping himself smartly across the face with a wall.

His nose still ached, which might go a little ways to explaining how he failed to miss the light ahead of him.

He hesitated. In the dusky halo of illumination coming from the flashlight, he could make out a few scattered details. There seemed to be several entrances to this place--a juncture, of some kind?

And there was light. From a flashlight.

A person.

At once the ice in him began to whisper, reminding him of why they were here, of how successful previous players had been at escape.

I am a survivor, not a killer.

Right now, what's the difference

He lowered the gun to his side, but did not remove it. "Not that I am too inclined to help another player," he said quietly. "But using a flashlight in the tunnels is tantamount to broadcasting your position to the whole world."

The sobbing was coming from just beyond the tunnel, but the boy in front of him had not yet stirred to do a thing. Had he, perhaps, been the cause?
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