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((Garry Villette and Miranda Merchant continued from The 8-Ball Knows))

'So this must be what a wolf feels like, walking through the forest with his pack,' Garry thought as he gazed around at the trees, keeping a look out for other people who could be out to kill them. A sudden itch on his neck made him raise his hand up to scratch the irritated spot, resulting in him accidentally grasping the collar. It wasn't enough to accidentally detonate it, but he still flung his hand away in horror as he remembered the explosive around his neck. 'God damn it, I could've killed myself just because of a stupid itch. I gotta stay focused,' he mentally growled.

While Garry gently scratched at the itch, Miranda was beginning to have doubts with Saul's map-reading skills. 'It can't take us that long to reach this place, surely,' she thought. Cyrille had to have been thinking along the same lines, for she spoke up and claimed that they were going the wrong way.

"I'm with Cyrille on this," Miranda stated, setting her bag down on the ground and pulling the map out from her bag. It was crinkled and creased up from being in the duffel bag most of the time, but the details on it were still legible. "The ranger station is only here, we should have reached it by now," she said, pointing at the building marked on the piece of paper

Cyrille then shouted out rather loudly that there was a cave nearby. "Oh no, we're not going in that cave," Miranda exclaimed. Garry nodded with Miranda then started to speak himself.

"Cyrille, I thought we already explained that it wasn't that much of a good idea to-Cyrille!" To Garry's shock, Cyrille seemed to ignore him and ran off to enter the cave all by herself. "She's going to get herself killed," Garry grumbled to himself, dashing after her while holding the ji. With cat ears, Cyrille was defenseless. And if a murderer was indeed inside, she was just going to end up as his or her victim. Fortunately, after the girl ventured deeper inside, she shouted out that it was empty. 'Well that's a relief,' Garry thought.

Meanwhile, outside the cave, Miranda was standing there, unsure what to do. "This is going to end badly, I just know it," she sighed, looking towards the dark mouth of the cave. After hearing Cyrille call out that the place was empty, she took a deep breath and started to march towards the opening. "I guess we'd better go in after them," she said.
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