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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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"Sure, you have a gun, so you might be a little safer than me and him, but Jesus Christ, grow the fuck up and realize where you are! This isn't one of those bullshit Reality TV shows where everything is scripted, this is the real deal. That is a real gun. Some of the other kids here have probably already died by now! If you want to be entertained, then you'll only have to wait a little longer for everyone else to start shooting at you, because I'm sure that they would be happy to oblige you your entertainment while staying here on Survival of the Fittest Island Resort! But for now, you're with us, so keep your stupid comments to yourself!"

Garrett raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"…That was pretty good, kid." He was…almost impressed. He'd NEVER admit that he'd been impressed by a girl, the rest of Fight Club would crucify him, but considering what a useless little mouse this girl had been five seconds ago, an outburst like that was pretty impressive. He was starting to think that maybe the little team he'd assembled wasn’t so useless after all. Well…for a couple of girls, anyway.

Rose's response was predictable- more bitching. Saying how she'd come to terms with the fact that she was about to die a horrible death. Garrett almost laughed, but managed not to. Well of course SHE was going to die, she was a weak little girl. Garrett wasn't going to die- he was too strong. He'd kill anyone who tried to kill him, he'd get his boys together, and they'd all team up and kill Danya. He nodded to himself. That's the plan- no fuckin' problem.

"But enough of that. If I can put off my death for a while, I'll be happy with that result. Teaming up with you guys does seem like a good means to that."

Garrett nodded again. For now he'd stick with these two. He took a quick look at his map- what was closest? Where should they go? He made a quick decision for no real reason other than 'it's somewhere that's not here'.

"The sawmill's close by. Let's get moving. Be ready for a fight, Durden knows what fuckers are out there shooting shit up."

He started to move. He was safe, for now.

He didn't bother looking behind him. After all, why wouldn't they follow?

[[Garrett Hunter continued in All That I've Ever Known]]
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