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Trevor frowned. Well that went well he thought. It was a long shot anyway, but now heís in and not a happy bunny either. What to do what to do? Trevor shot Gary a glance. No ideas coming from this one. Donít stop just keep going. The minute you let up this kid will come round the corner with his prize and take you down. Put you in your place. Trevor looked at the wall of containers either side. They seemed to grow, filling up the space all the way to the ceiling before collapsing around him, burying him. Focus! This isnít the time to make an enemy of your goddamn imagination. Thereís a real enemy out there, a whole island full of them.

Trevor laughed as Simon began to threaten him. Here was a kid he knew, just a regular, normal guy heíd went to school with. There was no reason for them to be at each otherís throats. Yet here they were, ready to fight, maybe even kill each other. It was absurd. But Trevor was still afraid. Afraid of this lad with his key that could give him a gun and that would give me lots of death. And pain first. I donít want either of those. I canít let him open that box.

Trevor turned to Gary. ĎGary, I canít let him open that box. If he finds it and pulls a gun then weíre dead. And I am not about to die here. Iím going to confront him. It might get bad. I need you to try and get behind him; donít let him see you though, just in case. He canít take us both unless he gets a gun. Please, help me stop him before he finds one.í Otherwise weíre both dead.

Not waiting, Trevor began walking towards the door. Simon had helped him in that respect. He ran through the fight in his mind. He ignored the fear he felt in his gut. He trusted himself and what he could do. I trust I wonít kill him. No matter what.
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