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Rose Codreanu's expression, for a few fleeting seconds, was the definition of pure shock. If there was an entry in the dictionary for "didn't see that coming," her face would be on the page. The fact that the other girl had apparently suddenly grown a pair of solid titanium balls threw a fairly large monkey wrench in her plan.

Gonna have to keep an eye on her, Rose thought to herself. She got up from the tree stump.

"Well, fucking pardon me for making an observation. Unlike you, I've somewhat come to terms with the fact that I'm probably not going to survive this, and I never thought awaiting a horrible death would be this god damned boring," she said, sublimating her horror into calm annoyance.

And from calm annoyance, arose determination.

"But enough of that. If I can put off my death for a while, I'll be happy with that result. Teaming up with you guys does seem like a good means to that," she said with a slight smirk. Rose did not like these two, and she had a gut feeling they didn't like her either. However, killing them could wait. They'd be fairly useful in the short term.
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