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Oh God, I'm going to die.

There was a gun. Just like the one she'd thrown away. Maybe it was that gun, come back from where she'd tossed it to take revenge for being abandoned. Or maybe it was one of Danya's creeps, come to kill her for not trying to kill people.

Tiffany couldn't think straight. She kept imagining the vividly painful ways in which she would be dying on the island. Shot in the heart. Shot multiple times. Sliced up by knives or claws. With each thought she curled up more, trying to hide herself from the horrors her mind was bringing up. Maybe if she curled up enough, they'd ignore the fact that she'd screamed loud enough to be heard a mile away.

A voice pierced through her panicked thoughts. She recognized it from somewhere. Tiffany had a knack for knowing people's voices, something that she could put to good use now. It took only a moment to identify the source: William Hearst. He was a good friend of Peter's, and they went on hiking trips occasionally. She didn't know William very well personally, but she trusted Peter to not be friends with bad people.

She slowly raised her head up and saw William, holding the gun and much closer than where she had first seen him. Relief washed through Tiffany, unclenching her muscles from the tightly curled position she had taken. William wasn't going to hurt her, even if he did have a gun. He probably didn't want to kill anyone either. She was safe.

"William," she called out, "I'm ok-" A large shambling form lumbered up from beside her. Her gaze darted over to it and panic took over again. Dominic Stratford stood there, holding a large stick in a threatening position. But Dominic was dead. She'd seen the other boy kill him with those scary claws. Corpses didn't walk, not unless it was a....

"Zombie!" She screamed and scrambled toward William. William was safe. Dominic wasn't. Zombies were never safe. God forbid she let one bite her.

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Rest in peace

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