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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((GMing performed with permission from Yvaine. I had a bit of trouble working with this situation, so sorry, guys. Had to place it all in order.))

Ivan's eyes, while barely visible from Etain's viewpoint and just about completely hidden at Clio's distance, had narrowed. As Louis would've been keen to point out, this facial tic generally only made itself known when Ivan was angry, in deep thought, or scared. As this situation would have it, Ivan just happened to be all three. Clio was speaking a rough game, which would normally be laughable coming from such a small girl, but the gun in her hand said that she could speak just about any game she wanted. It was this one factor that kept Ivan still long enough for Etain to push his umbrella aside and lean down to pick Tabi up.

Ivan peered down, completely incredulous. Was this kid for real? He was telling them to back off, and here Etain was, having a set of iron tennis balls hanging low enough to get within kneeing range in order to lift the soiled, broken girl at Ivan's feet. The grip that his left hand, the dominant one, had on his umbrella tightened as he looked between both Etain and Clio. The boy was just annoying, and frankly, Ivan wanted to knock his damned head off for such a ballsy move. The girl, however, she could be complicated.

"Okay, you, Ivan, drop the umbrella, and I'll...wait, I'm the girl with the gun, so I decided I'm giving out conditions with nothing in it for you. You'll be lucky to say tommorow that nobody killed you today. Second, you, annoying guy who's name I can't remember at the moment..."
Ivan wasn't liking where this was going, but he did get a few things out of what the girl had just said. First, and worst, she wanted him to drop his umbrella. He could both hear and feel one of his knuckles crack when she requested that of him, and his heartbeat picked up a little. As far as visible cues went, his tongue flicked out of his mouth for a bit, resetting itself as he swallowed the lump in his throat. Second, she knew his name. At first, he couldn't really tie a face to her name, nor did he care all that much before, but this was a detail that could be pretty important in a few moments.
Where have I... Clio? I'll try Clio, hope she responds to that-

Ivan's thoughts were interrupted by Clio's announcement that, to his disgust (and not so much his surprise, by this point), that she intended to play the game. He opened his mouth to say something, but somebody else had decided to make a move first. Against all expectations, that person was... Tabi. Ivan could feel his nerves go into overdrive as the girl had struggled from Etain's arms and dashed behind... him? From her momentum, Etain had stumbled forward, towards Ivan.

From that moment, Ivan got a little lost in the moment.

His base instincts saw a little chance to get some revenge for such a blatant invasion of Ivan's personal space earlier. Without even thinking about it, Ivan's left thumb hit the switch on the umbrella, causing it to burst open and partially obscure his form to both Clio and Etain. Then, with a jerking of his body, he raised his left arm up, taking the umbrella with it into a position above his and Tabi's heads, where you would expect it to be if it were raining. However, by the time that the umbrella was no longer between Etain and Ivan, Ivan's right fist was halfway through a set crash-course with Etain's jaw.

The connection was made with a resounding, satisfying 'smack'. Ivan wasn't sure just how far the uppercut would send Etain reeling, but he knew that it had enough force behind it to where he had to place his right foot in front of his leaning body to steady himself, to where he then straightened back, feeling Tabi behind him. For a moment, Ivan felt that Etain was lucky that it was his right hand, and not his left.

That moment quickly passed when he had realized Clio was still pointing the gun at him, and was probably not all that impressed at what he had just done. The fear pounding straight through Ivan was powerful enough to reach all the way to his face and, for the first time, his countenance didn't hold an ambiguous mix of anger, irritation and fear. It was all pure, unalduterated terror as Ivan believed he was moments away from being shot. In such a situation, he did the most logical thing.

He scrambed to get behind Tabi, reaching around her with his right arm, his left still holding the open umbrella in front of them. If Clio shot at him, there was a chance that Ivan could still get out of this. All he could hope was that she wouldn't fire on him for any reason: whether it being the gun didn't work, it was out of ammo, or maybe, just maybe, she was just as scared as Ivan was.
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