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At first, Jasper-Declan hardly moved.

Erik and Mike. Those names came drifting into his mind from who-knows-where, presumably the result of a forgotten class he'd taken with them. Though he recalled the names, he couldn't for the life of him remember which was which- almost understandable, as outside of their heights the boys were fairly similar-looking. He sat in silence for a moment, observing them. He wasn't afraid. Well, Jasper-Declan was never afraid, but in this case there was nothing to be afraid of- the boys didn't seemed to be armed.

That seems odd. In a game such as this, wouldn't one normally wish to be armed at all times? Perhaps I was wrong to assume that everyone receives a weapon...but wasn't that mentioned in the auditorium as a definite? Curious...perhaps these boys simply do not want to fight...that's understandable.

Jasper-Declan's eyes turned back to the ocean for a moment. What does the ocean say? The cool breeze is both refreshing and somehow...impartial. Hm. Perhaps not the best judge of character, but I suppose there's no reason yet not to give them a chance...

He stood, almost in slow motion, his long limbs uncurling lazily before him. As he did so, he picked up his gun almost as an afterthought, as though he'd nearly forgotten it was there. He didn't hold it like someone who planned to use it- his grip was light, the kind of grip someone held on something they didn't much care about losing.

"Hey, man. You - uh, you doing okay?"

Jasper-Declan blinked.

"...I suppose I am."
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