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Simon didn't hear anything for a second. It was just silence. This was, of course, expected. It wasn't like he was at the exit of an office or anything. Then, someone started talking, a familiar voice.

"Now, now Simon. Normally I'd just let you go and try your luck. But hey it’s my gig I can interfere if I want to right? Not my business if such a strong contender gets beaten to death in vain. But there are ratings to consider and, really, it would be such a waste. That there key of yours will be, ah, useful later. I'd save it if I were you." Simon gasped as he stepped back from the door, letting it close.

Shit. He's actually talking to me? But why? It's not an announcement or anything ... Any doubt over what was happening was immediately broken by the next statement.

"That is not fucking fair! You take us all here and then fucking choose favourites? Fuck you man, FUCK YOU DANYA!"
Simon frowned. Trevor's messing with me! He's trying to scare me off! Simon stepped forward and reopened the door. He was, to say the least, a bit upset. At least if they didn't trust me, he could have just told me to go away.

"Oh, very funny, Trevor. Perhaps I should have rephrased what I said." Simon took another step inside, letting the door close behind him loudly enough so that it could be heard. "I'm coming in. You can help me out if you like, or you can avoid me. I'm not going to attack you, and I'll show you what I get if I unlock anything, but don't fuck with me or I'll give it right back." Simon started to walk towards the boxes, looking for the correct lock, but so far to no avail. The key didn't even go in. It was after about thirty seconds that a weird thought came through his head:

Wait a minute. I never met Trevor before today. How did he know who I was? I heard his name, but I never revealed mine at any point? Does he know something about me? Simon started going more into a defensive position, looking around as he grabbed onto each lock and attempted to unlock each lock, failing every time.

No telling what's going on. Trevor knows my name. Who knows what other info he has on me?
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