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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(There's going to be a little change in the post order here kids. Next post will be Kami, then Mimi will make her post, and then Kami will make a reaction to it right after. This post order has been approved by everyone involved so yeah go Ciel go.)

Kitty KNEW Nancy wouldn't kill Anna. In fact, the girl's sudden actions had actually amused Kitty for reasons she could not fathom. Not in the sense that the goth girl was in alot of deep shit and that Kitty was laughing at her own misfortune, though that certainly was a small part of it. No. Nancy wasn't going to shoot Anna. That would be crazy. Why would she do that. it was the fact that Nancy was trying soooo hard to look so dangerous. Pathetic really. It was all just a cry for attention.


But this wasn't a joke. Nancy had a real gun. It wasn't a toy, this was heavy firepower. Kitty felt a shot of anxiety run through her body. Jesus christ, someone could die. She had never seen a gun before, only on television and even then she hated TV. Holy shit. It was one thing to say that she was going to play this game, it was another when someone was really close to doing it.

The kicker was that Kitty really couldn't do anything. She couldn't run because, well, she didn't want to run. She wanted to be on Anna's side, that was her plan! On the other hand, Kitty wasn't going to risk getting shot herself. That would just be stupid. So what did that leave exactly? Beg for Gracie to let go of Anna?

"Okay N-Gracie," Kitty said, lifting her hands up in a defeated position. She sounded scared. "Calm down. Just calm down. We're all friends here. This doesn't need to get messy."

Oh. Now Kitty sounded like a complete pushover. She mentally rolled her eyes at just how sad she sounded.

Kitty turned to Kyle, a boy that she vaguely remembered. She also remembered that she didn't care to know that much about the boy anyway. The only thing that she knew about the boy was that he was STUPID enough to think that hitting a gun-wielding person would be a good idea. A PERFECT IDEA. Idiot.

"Well," Kitty growled at Kyle. "You were the one who thought it'd be a good idea to hit the girl with the gun! You got any other bright ideas, Sherlock?!"
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