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"You... really think we can beat this?"

"Hell YEAH I do! No way we're gonna let whatshisname get the better of us!"

Things were finally beginning to look on the brightside for Joshua Krakowski at that moment. Sure he was in the middle of nowhere, stuck on some unnamed island with an explosive collar around his neck. And that he and Everett had just come across proof that they really were in actual danger here... It still wasn't enough to lower the tall boy's almost impossibly high spirits. He and Everett were going to get out of this crazy situation alive, no matter what the odds!

Which, he did admit, WERE kinda high in this case... He didn't mention it to Everett, but he knew fine well that getting out would be a lot harder then it sounds on paper. Even without the explosive collars there'd be stuff like patrol boats, helicopters, armed terrorists and the plain and simple fact that none of them had the slightest clue where they were. Chances are, they'd be lucky enough to figure out a way to get to civilisation let alone get these stupid collars off...

Then again, its not like its uncharted or anything... People used to live here, right? So surely that'd mean there would be people out there who know of this place... Whats to stop somebody from going "Hey, I recognise that place! I used to live there!" and alerting the authorities? Hell, this place probably had its own Wiki page and everything! Surely SOMEBODY will eventually...


... Hey wait a sec, wheres my metal stick thingy? HOLY CRAP, I must have left it back way up the mountain with the rest of my stuff! Must of forgotten about it when Everett showed up, Duh!

"Now, uh, first things first: We ought to get away from Sir Stinksalot over there. I propose heading back to where we met personally. Got a good view of the island and everything from up there..."
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