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"Wanna chill?"

Ridley hadn't heard such beautiful words ever since he and everyone else were gassed on the bus. The thought of relaxation was a welcoming one, but his surroundings kept him in focus, if only just. He maintained a good ten or fifteen feet from the girls, not daring to get any closer in case they decide it a good idea to jump him. They both looked nice, but he wouldn't put it past anyone at that point.

"I'm okay. Relaxing is the last thing I want to do right now." He said in response to Ema. Her hair color surprised him a little, as did Eve's. He had always liked when girls had strange colored hair, and these two were right on the money in that regard. Focus, Rid! With a shake of his head, he listened to what Eve had to say.

"What's your name, and why the fuck do you deserve to survive?"

He finally recognized Eve as the famous teen mother from the school. He never thought too hard on her situation, usually keeping his thoughts to himself whenever she was brought up in conversation, but he understood that she had more to lose in this game than he did. "My name's Ridley. Or Rid, or whatever you want to call me. At this point, we're all just walking targets. Why should I survive, though? Because I don't want to die, that's why." He paused. "Heh. I guess that already puts the three of us at odds, doesn't it?"

He managed to crack a smile. A small one, but it was still a smile. Wiping some of the drying mud off of his pants, he took the time to look at the girls' bags. Ema's didn't look too full or clunky, so it didn't have anything big in it. Eve's on the other hand, looked like it had something bigger than normal stuffed into it.

"Okay, you two know what I have for a weapon, so what do you two have? If either of you are useful, then I'll stick around." A little too blunt, but it wasn't as if Eve was one to talk.

For a moment, he thought that he heard something fall with a thud behind him, but a glance in that direction told him that nobody was there. Nobody that he could see, anyway.
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