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For a while, Mike drifted away into the realm of trivia thoughts as he and Erik approached the boy.

God damn it, did I just got hit with a magical beam that made me smaller, or is Bayview a school of giants?

Even though the other guy wasn't standing, Mike could easily judge from the body build or the length of the torso and legs that he was much bigger than him as well. Usually, the Pole didn't care about his or anyone's height, but in the company of two very tall people in the game called Survival of the FITTEST, he started getting worried. Seconds later though, something else became the center of his attention.

As soon as both Erik and the other guy greeted themselves, Mike immediately joined with a simple, quiet 'Hello', as he couldn't really think of anything better to say. Usually very outgoing and talkative, the surreality of the whole situation AND a gun, possibly ready to kill, lying in front of the boy, tied up Mike's tongue completely. So he just waited for any response while observing the gun like a hypnotized. The boy didn't seem to be hostile, but it's always better be on the safer side and know when to get down if somehow their life would be in danger in a moment.
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