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The world had gone black for a moment for Tabitha Gweneth. When she next woke up, she felt herself being lifted by someone, there was an initial wave of panic as she was unable to discern the person who was holding her up. She squirmed initially in an attempt to break free from whoever it was that was grabbing her, but she heard a soothing voice calling out to her, her head was still clouded and she couldn't quite understand what was being said, but the voice calmed her.

She relaxed and let whoever it was that was speaking to her pull her up. She turned her head behind her and saw the smiling face of Etain Brennan, the boy who she had shared many a jam session at the local skate-park. He was a nice guy and a good friend, and she was relieved to see him here.

She was quickly snapped back into reality however when she heard a loud shout that caused her to turn her head. Tabi saw now that the man in the green tinted glasses had pointed an umbrella towards a woman standing out near the foliage. She sucked in a sharp breath when she saw that she was holding a gun and pointing it at all of them.

"Because though you aren't playing...I am. Be nice to me and I might just not kill you."

Tabi gasped and instinctively jumped behind the man that was pointing the umbrella out towards the woman. She tried to hide behind the man that was an inch shorter than she was as best she could and just hoped that she could be protected by the man she was shielded by. She still didn't know what she was referring to by playing, but the fact that she had a gun, and wanted to kill her, made her begin to panic once again.
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