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B030 - Start

Quincy was not at all happy. He'd been looking forward to this trip. Then after Prom, he'd wanted to use it as a chance to see if he could find out what had happened to Felicia. He'd felt so dumb at prom - requesting that old Sam Cooke song, and then she didn't come back to hear it. Ever since then, she'd been avoiding him, and he'd been trailing around like a puppy, trying to get close to her. He thought that the trip would be the perfect chance.

Of course, things didn't work out quite that way. She avoided him on the bus, and then, well, a lot of things had happened since then. He hadn't seen her at all during 'the talk'. Now it looked like he was never going to figure out where things stood between them.

He awoke with his head aching, a sharp pain in his neck, and blind. No, not blind. It was just dark. Night? Too dark for that, although he didn't rule it out. Inside? Too cold, damp, and rough. Underground then. Great, they were supposed to fight each other in caves and mines. Bloody useless.

His eyes were adjusting to the gloom, and he could get a sense of where he was now. It was a tunnel. Most likely from a mine. Small, dark, close. Why on earth had he been dumped in there? It didn't matter at the moment. What did was finding a way out. He stumbled over towards a wall and put his hand out to touch it. It wasn't much, but it was enough to help him get his bearings and keep his balance. He could search his bag once he found some light, see what he'd been given as a weapon.

A weapon? Of course. He would need to fight, to be able to survive, He didn't doubt for a second that others in the class wouldn't hesitate to take him out, and he needed to be prepared to defend himself. He figured in here he stood as much of a chance without a weapon as with one, so wait until he got out, then plan from there. There was a slight slope to the floor, so he headed up.

After a few hundred metres, he heard a voice. Someone was crying. A girl. Damn. As much as he wanted to be tough, to go over there and snap her neck, he knew he couldn't. Not while she was defenceless. Killing in self defence was one thing, something he doubted he'd have a problem with, but in cold blood was different. He headed off towards the sound of the scream, cursing himself for being so stupid, barely noticing the light in the distance.

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