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((Cyrille LaBlanche continued from The 8-Ball Knows))

Cyrille enjoyed the long walk she and her allies were having. It reminded her of the walks she took back home. Something she used to do. The only differences were that for one she wasn't on a island where her friends were trying to kill her, and second she actually where she was going. For some reason or another her group must of taken a wrong turn because they were no where near close to the so call Ranger Station.

"Saul let me ask you again... You're sure you know where we are going?" She asked. "Because I'm sure as hell that we're not going the right way."

She stop for a minute and looked around. They were lost and that much was certain. Of course what bother her more was that that they had no idea where they were. They were practicly sitting ducks here. Worst of all it was just making things harder for her to find Violetta. Then she noticed something that stood out.

"Look! A cave!" She annouced to her allies. She ignored wherever they were about to say as she dash off into the cave. Mix of excitement and an actual place to rest was enough to convince the girl to enter the place. Her next thought was to shout out into the cave to see if anyone was inside. If she did she was obviously annoucing her presence which was bad so it was out of question. Instead she walk inside investigating the place. After a short while she notice the place kept going as if it was a tunnel. With the lack of human contact she went ahead to call her group.

"GUYS! PLACE SEEMS EMPTY!" She called out to them.
While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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