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Grim Wolf
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Who were these girls? He felt their names like raindrops slipping through the lines of his hand. Carol, maybe? And what was the other, always reminded him of that show he'd watched when he was a kid, with the world made of data and the little monsters that everyone claimed ripped off Pokemon. What had it...


"Sorry," Simon mumbled, taking a few steps back from the other girl. "I didn't mean to intrude." He took a few more steps back, until he was about twenty feet away, then sat in the sand, crossed his legs, and stared at the ground. He wasn't sure what to do, and the words had sounded so absurd coming out of his mouth. Didn't mean to intrude? They'd been kidnapped by crazed terrorists, threatened with death, and compelled in no uncertain terms to kill each other. Why the fuck was he bothering with niceties?

Habit. Force of habit. Habit keep a person functioning, even...

Even in the most bizarre circumstances, habit remains.

"Heh," he breathed, still looking down. He glanced towards the German guy (no idea what his name was). "You okay?" he asked, in lieu of anything else to say.
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