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Alex turned on his heels, now regressing into a barbaric animal. He needed her club for his defence, or something else. A distraction could work in his advantage, but... Alex then noticed the gun and saw it pointed in his general direction. The bitch was here. His plan could work if he could have a quiet word with Rena.

He charged at her again and this time grabbed her, dragging her out of earshot to behind another tree while she struggled intermittently. Alex pushed her into the tree and leaned in close to her. Rena's hair stroked his face as he whispered.

'You are going to help me get that girl's gun. First, you chase me away... then you distract her so I can grab her from behind!'

The violence of the event then caught up with him, triggering repressed emotions of sorrow and regret. His father would be so disappointed. The animal inside had escaped, an animal that society had locked away for good reason. In hindsight, was the animal really locked away. Was the difference between man and beast a loaded gun? It was a difference that would change his power on the island considerably.

'If you try anything, you will die. Agreed?'

Alex took a slow step back and prepared to race away from Rena, a defeated animal. Recalling his most extreme moment of pain; being thrown from horseback the year before this nightmare began. He howled beckoning Rena to chase him.
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