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((Michelle O'Cain continued from We All Start Somewhere))

Cold, wet, annoyed, scared, angry, dirty and so many more adjectives could be use to describe Michelle at this moment. The girl was fustrated at best. Ever since she left team useless she had walk across the swamp at a slow paced. She had made sure to keep her head down and stay in a crouching state. Sure it made things longer but on a island where everyone was trying to kill themsleves she couldn't care less about her own agony. It's better to be in pain than dead right?

I should of just attack... I should of just attack...

Part of her was extremly angry at the fact so many individuals arrived at the same times as her to find Rizzo. Given the chance she would of killed Theo if it wasn't for OC.

She stop for a short rest and lay on her back. She went ahead again to cover herself in more mud and dirt to help her camoflage. She close her eyes for a minute and let herself rest. The swamps were an extremely unpleasent place to be. It was hard to travel through, and the open view would easily allowed anyone to shoot a target that was too stupid to keep it's head down. Like OC and Theo. God she was in a pissy mood. The whole situation she was in had really change her from quiet to grumpy and violent. It was because of the stress she'd figured. Stupid swamp.

She estimated that she had sat down about what she figured was about five minutes. With that she stood up again in the same crouching position she was in and kept movign foward. Only a short while later did she notice the swamp was getting less and less thick. She notice she was arriving to a less wet terrain. She was leaving the swamps! Finally she was able to relax in a less annoying terrain. She decided to take a risk at this point. If someone was nearby they would of shot her by now. So she stood up and started walking and then started to run. It felt nice letting her body go for once.

She kept running for a short while when she notice several figures in the distance. At this point she wasn't sure what to do. If they were playing like her they would obviously attack. Of course with a group of three it obviously meant they were probably friendly. Michelle wasn't sure if she shoudl approach them or not. It was the whole Rizzo scenario again.

This time she decided to watch instead of interact. She drop her blue bag and look for something to hide behind. Noticing a log she made a small dash for it and hide behind it. Hopefully being covered in dirt would help her hide. She threw herself on to the ground and watch the trio. Hopefully she wouldn't be notice either.
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While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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