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[[Celeste Beaumont, G042, start.]]

The first thing Celeste had done, upon reaching full awareness, was freak the hell out. She'd started shaking violently, hugging herself, pulling hair a bit...her under-arms were damp from sweat, and now she had two hideous dark spots under her arms...That's lady-like, she'd snorted when she'd calmed down a little.

It just couldn't be happening...this never happened to her, it only happened to other people. SOTF wasn't really real, it was just...just something that no one really went through, other people, people who you really couldn't care about because you didn't even know them. Hell, they didn't even exist because you didn't know and you didn't care. It wasn't supposed to happen to you! "Son of a bitch!" Celeste cried out, voice high-pitched, squeaky, a sharp contrast to the actual words--she sounded completely ridiculous.

Now what was she supposed to do? She couldn't stay in one spot--certainly not for long, she'd get killed. One way or another. Wait...Weapons. We got a weapon, she thought desperately, unzipping her duffel. She pawed through the items inside, tossing the bread and crackers out, shoving the first aid kit aside, and found...a sledgehammer. A fucking sledgehammer! "How in the hell am I...?" she asked out loud, slowly pulling the thing out and letting it fall on the ground in front of her. Shoving the other items back in the bag haphazardly, Celeste stared angrily at the weapon. It was a useful thing, yes, but...it was heavy! And almost as big as she was! How was she supposed to kill with that if she couldn't even lift and carry it easily? "Maybe I'll get lucky and trip someone with it...and they'll break their neck," she muttered darkly, rezipping the bag and slinging it over her shoulder. She stood up, bending down to try and lift the sledgehammer--she managed to lift it, though it was difficult, and balance it over her other shoulder. That shoulder was already a bit sore, and she'd have to alternate shoulders every...what, three minutes?...but it was easier to carry this way at least.

The dark-haired girl's head suddenly snapped up, hearing shouting nearby. Head for the voices. Stick with a group...that or kill them and get their weapons, Celeste thought to herself, slowly shuffling towards the sounds. Either way, she should probably alert them that she was there--sneaking up on someone in this situation would only result in getting her head blown off, or her heart shot with an arrow, or whatever. Like wild animals--nobody could be startled. "HEY!" she shouted out to them. "HEY, WHO'S OUT THERE? ANYONE OKAY?"
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