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Rein did a quick twirl to look away from the girls. He was slightly embarrased about what the girl said. He wasn't sure exactly what she implied but he didn't wanted to know anymore about the subject.

"Oh... Vell... Sorry I didn't knev I barge into a situation like dat.... Uhhh sorry again I'll just vait ofer dere... If you need anyding just call..." He said. He also understood that there was a second guy in the area that he hadn't notice. "Hey second guy! Vhy don't you come ofer here vid me and let de girls have deir space? I'm unarmed so deir noding to worry about. I gave my veapon avay to some terrified girl I met a vhile ago!" He announced.

Afterwards he walked a short distances away from the two girls to give them their space. He went ahead to go over the same rocky terrain to lose sight of the beach and hopefully give the girls the space they desired. He search for a short while to find something that look comfortable and decided to sit there. Sitting there he wonder what to do next. Part of him wish to move on to find Gary but one of the two girls seem in distress. He would feel ashamed to just leave the girl there. The other one seem to know what she was doing but the crying one... He felt he should stay around a little longer to help her out.

"Hey girls I'm just calling to gife you girls an idea of vhere I am. Call if you need anyding alright?" He annouced a second time.
While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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