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Roland wrapped up his miniature speech at about the same moment that Dutchy offered him his harpoon. This gesture stunned Roland at first, but then Dutchy began to reveal his rationale and Roland began to feel distinctly uncomfortable as a result. Actually, uncomfortable was putting it mildly. He'd forgotten that Dutchy was the most dedicated pacifist Roland knew, mostly because Dutchy couldn't stand bloodshed at all. The boy had a very fragile mindset when it came to that sort of thing, and Roland knew that eventually they'd all have to face it. With a trembling hand, he reached for Dutchy's harpoon and grasped it, transferring ownership in an instant. It'd definitely be more handy than that stupid tennis racket, and if he had to use it lethally, he would, even if that meant losing Dutchy's trust.

Wouldn't he?

He didn't explore the thought any further on account of the loud gunshot that echoed from further down the beach. The sound sent the group into a panic; Sarah quickly grabbed a bag and ran towards the sound while Dutchy scattered his possessions in order to find a first aid kit, quickly following her. Brenden went next, taking up some of Dutchy's things before vacating. In seconds Roland was left alone with Jason, the one kid who didn't quite fit and now further distinguished himself with his paralyzing fear.

"For fuck's sake, man! Let's get a move on!" Roland got his bag ready and made his way to the rest of the group, carrying the racket, harpoon, and hoodie in his arms, which slowed him down. One look back told him that he'd managed to snap Jason out of his trance, getting the guy to follow him.

He hoped the five of them were enough to solve this problem.

((Roland Hayes continued in D-Day))
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