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She examined the man coming out. Another usual teenager, bit of a nerd, really. With his hands up in the air, he walked towards them. Completely normal. Except for the gun in his hand, held the wrong way. It seemed that the gamble had paid off. Feeling the pat on the back, she tried to get her brain out of it's clunk and actually work.

"I guess you don't want to play."

Fuck playing. Fuck the rules.

Repeating those lines in her head, she glanced at the smile on Ema's face. Dangerous. They weren't dangerous. That was news to her. Doing something dangerous would be trying to attempt a backflip on the edge of a cliff. Or crossing the road. That was dangerous. People take calculated risks every day, trying to work out their chance of survival.

Wincing and giving a slight twitch, she looked at the man again.

"Let's talk. OK. What's your name, and why the fuck do you deserve to survive?"

Slightly unusual question. Eve didn't care.
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