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[[Gloria Benson G051, start]]

"Help me, help me, help me..."

Gloria stumbled, uncharacteristically, through the tunnels, groping her way along the walls and trying not to choke on her own cries. The duffel bag she'd awoken with was slung over her back like a knapsack, one of the straps sitting around her left arm. The bag kept slipping off and hitting her side, but every time that happened she pushed it back. It was a stupid thing to worry about, but Gloria needed something--anything to take her mind off of this. "Help me, help me, God help me..." she whimpered again, couching a bit before sobbing.

Tears poured down her face as she tried to deny it, tried to force herself to wake up. Her cheeks stung, as she'd slapped herself several times in her mad hopes she was dreaming. She could barely see anything anyway, what with the darkness of the tunnels, but it was even worse now-her tears had gotten her glasses wet and they'd fogged up a bit. Letting out another choked cry, Gloria felt for the wall of the tunnel, missed it as it suddenly turned off another direction, and fell to the ground with a thud. She lay there, curling into a ball before letting out an animalistic, hysterical cry.

"HELP MEEEE!" she screamed, sobbing hoarsely, hands over her ears.
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