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The only thought going through Winnie's head as she wrapped herself around James was the panicked, hysterical repetition of spider spider spider o god spider o god tree o god spider O GOD. Clinging as tightly as she could to the boy under her, she squeezed her eyes shut so as not to see either the massive height she was still dangling from, or the monsterous spider that she one-hundred-percent positively knew was still on her. Probably preparing to sink its massive fangs into her. Ignoring the various shouts and cries going on under her, Winnie tightened her hold, deciding in an instant that she was not letting go come hell or high water.

...which, as it turned out, was a good decision. Because the next second there was a fresh burst of screaming from below her and she felt James sway backwards, the force of gravity tugging at her human anchor. The scream bursting from James' mouth echoed her own as she felt them toppling, and for scanty half-seconds, saw her life flashing in front of her eyes. This was it. She was going to die on Survival of the Fittest, not from shooting, or stabbing, or being blown up, or even cannibalized - no, from falling out of a tree.

How lame was that?

Before further thoughts could be percolated, however, they reached the ground, James' body taking the brunt of the impact. He squirmed under her, coughing into his sleeve like the fall had knocked the wind out of him - which, she reminded herself, it probably had. But they were on the ground. And she was safe. Overcome with relief, she dropped her head back down onto his shoulder and relaxed her grip slightly, still loathe to completely relinquish her grip in case of unexpected falling.

At least, until she heard James stutter a hello, and realized just what she was doing.

She was on a boy.

She was on a boy.

She was lying on top of him like - like some common Jezebel, and - and they were touching and she could feel his skin and oh this was not good. Not good at all.

She barely had time to think about it, pure instinct making her leap up and push herself off of him, backing up until she hit the tree that, ironically, they had fallen from. Oh god she had been on him and she had been lying on him and her shirt was cut so he could see her underthings and-

-her shirt was cut?

Winnie looked down, and saw for the first time the long, shallow slice that ran across her belly and across her left breast. Although it had mostly stopped bleeding, there was still a sluggish oozing of bodily fluids, and her stomach was liberally streaked with red, much of it now on James as well.


I'm bleeding.

What little colour had been in Winsome's cheeks drained in an instant, her eyes unfocusing as she leaned against the tree for support. Her breath was coming ever faster, in tiny hyperventilating gasps as she frantically tried to keep a hold of the situation - and unfortunately, failed miserably. Between the tree, the spider, the fall, and now the blood, her mind gave up trying to comprehend it all and simply shut down, sending her crumpling down to the base of the tree in a faint.

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