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Roland said the equivalent of agreeing and disagreeing with what he said. Brendan didn't have any intention of ONLY finding Vera, Harun, Rasshid, and Madelyn; he just needed to make sure that all their mutual friends were safe before he started to look for his.

And his were the most important to him right now.


Brendan's eyes flew to attention. Crap crap crap CRAP!

"Oh god, did she find me?" Brendan almost yelled out, before realising that the shot wasn't that far away. Further up the beach, four figures became three, then the three became two as the other one disappeared. It was girl, he could have sworn it. But...it wasn't Clio. She hadn't hunted him down or anything, this was....someone else playing.

Everyone was quick to react. Sarah collided with Brendan in an attempt to get her things, almost knocking him over. She grabbed her bag, leaving behind a large riot sheild and ran. As did Dutchy, who almost tore apart his entire bag just to find a medkit.

Brendan wanted to cry out, to tell him to stop being so careless. He knew he was thinking like a player, like someone who was strategic, manipulative, and would stop at nothing to win. But...he could always share food. He had enough. He wasn't used to sharing, but it could work.

This pondering made him forget that someone was obviously hurt now.

Grabbing the remains of Dutchy's bag, he ran after the other two, his stride larger than the fastest he had ever run. But...as well as he knew, some people were going to be playing. And Jason was right in a way - not everyone was honest.

As he ran, he threw his hand into his bag, and found the small box of .44mm slugs. Drawing out six of them, he carefully slotted them into the gun, and threw everything back where it was supposed to be, the gun clicking in place.

These guys have nothing. Sarah has a shield, Roland has the joke of a weapon like I still carry around, and Dutchy had that...harpoon. I'm the only one with anything real to defend them. I need to step up, take control. I'll protect them with my life, so help me, or I'll die trying.

"Hey! Wait up!" Brendan yelled after them.

Step up, Brendan. Step up.

((Brendan Wallace continued in D-Day))
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