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Dutchy for all intents and purposes, given the grim scenario he was facing, was beginning to feel better again. Tears began to trickle down his cheeks, but he was quick to wipe them away. He stared off at the ocean, listening to the peaceful surf wash in and out. Brendan and Jason stood a few feet away, and the tension seemed to be dissipating.

Dutchy grinned in joy as Brendan opened the gun to show that the chambers (At least that's what he was pretty certain they were called..) were actually empty. He nearly clapped in delight. Things were going good. Things here, for all intents and purposes were going good, and he knew it would only continue.

Hehe, Dutchy you reaaaaaaally shoulda' seen that coming. I mean, this is Brendan! Could you actually picture Brendan walking around with a loaded gun? Pfhehaha! This is, this is going to be fine. We can beat this. We can do this! Sarah is here, and she was always a perfect leader. Roland is big an' tough, and he can be all like "DE JONG KICK!" or "ZIDANE HEADBUTT!" to anyone who gets in between us an' Danya. Brendan'll keep us all in line, and Jason is... Well, he's probably funny, and he has good hair! And I can be the cheerleader guy! An' we'll- we'll get these.. these things.. off our necks. Yeah, we'll- we'll get them off. An' we'll march right into Danya's office, and Roland will hold him down and I'll be like,

"Danya the time has come! You're going to JAIL!"

Then he'll go to jail, we'll get some ice cream, and everyone will go to Þingvellir or, or the Geysir! Or both! An' we'll get Vera too, and we'll find Rashid an' Harun an' Maddy...

Dutchy glanced over at his bag and frowned. There was that pesky harpoon, laying on the ground next to his bag.

What am I going to do with a Harpoon? There are no whales around here... Not that I even like hurting whales. I wonder if Sarah has ever seen a whale before? That's odd. They're nice. I remember when we went Whale Watching in in, that city- Vancover! Around that place! That was so cool! Whales! What the heck am I going to do with a Harpoon?

Dutchy hefted up the object and looked at it confused before the answer dawned on him. Turning towards Roland, he plopped down on the beach next to him smiling.

"Afsakið! Fyrirgefðu! Sorry to butt in Rolly, but well," He handed his spear over, laying it next to the larger boy. He grinned wide at him. "I don't think I'd be much of a use with this. So you can take this! Because then if we run into anyone you can..."

Dutchy paused for a second, his mind grinding to a halt. He began to realize what he was subconsciously implying, and he tripped over his words trying to correct himself.

"You can wave it at them, and then they'll get scared an' run!" Dutchy nodded. "Yes, that's what you'll do. Because y'know, we can't hurt anyone. Everyone is... everyone here is probably just as confused as us. This may be SotF, but I can't think of anyone who'd actually, who'd y'know just go ALONG with it. I can see it now. We just need this to like, show people that we're- yeah, you know what I mean. You- you keep this Roland..."

He looked the boy in the eye, suddenly nervous.

Maybe, this isn't a good idea... I.. I wouldn't really hurt anyone with this, and maybe Roland.. no, no, this is Roland! He's not gonna hurt anyone. He knows we can't actually hurt anyone. This is just for, show. He knows that. He.. but.., no, he'd be better with it then me.. He knows how to use it... but, we can't use it. So, so what're... What am I trying to say? I'm not suggesting we, no no I'm not suggesting that! No, I didn't even think that!

"Look uhm, Roland, you know we can't actually HURT anyone with this. You- you get that. Yes... Just... Just, this is just for assurance an' stuff.. I- I know I can trust you not to, to actually hurt someone... Because, because y'know, it's not like the Comics', it's... y'know, I know I can trust you righ-"


The shot caused Dutchy to shout out in panic, the colour once more draining from his face. He leaped up and skittered a few paces away from the group, holding his hands over his thumping chest.

"What, what was! Brendan was...!?" He looked over towards his friends.

No no, that gun is empty. No one is hurt. But a gun, I heard a gun! Someone is hurting people!

Dutchy looked around wild eyed at them, the panic growing.

A gun! Someone fired a gun! That's what it was! A popping, just like.. the room... Mrs. Bishop, just like that! Just like that! A gun!

Sarah started running down the beach. At first, Dutchy thought she had the same reaction as him, to bolt at the noise. And frankly, Dutchy felt disappointment bubbling up inside him. Disappointment and fear.

I'm not the leader, I'm allowed to be scared! She can't be scared! If Sarah is scared, we're, we're all gonna get scared! Where is she going?! Is she leaving me!? Is she going to leave me!? No, no! We're friends she wouldn't run an' just leave me, she- she- we're, we're half here, she can't just run we need to find the others, we need help, we need to get OUT OF HERE!

Dutchy nearly screamed in terror, before he spotted the figures farther down the beach. It was too far to see clearly but... His heart caught in his chest as the realization struck him.

Someone got hurt! Someone is- that's where it's from, that person is hurt! I- I'm- Sarah! She's going to help them! I need to- I can't just watch and...

A look of determination crossed the boys' face. Dutchy ran over towards his bags and tore open the Duffel Bag marked B139. He began to toss the contents out upon the sand with reckless abandon, not stopping to consider what he was throwing around. Finally however he located it. A med kit.

Time to be the good guys' Dutchy!

Looking at the others standing on the beach, he shouted and gestured. "Guys, come'on we gotta- gotta, c'mon!" With that he turned and began to run.

Grabbing the case, Dutchy took off at a breakneck pace down the beach after Sarah. His legs burned, and he could barely keep his footing but he never once looked back. He knew what he had to do.

I gotta help Sarah, we gotta, gotta- gotta run! Gotta' help! Please, don't be dead, please don't be hurt!

(Orn "Dutchy" Ayers continued in D-Day))

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