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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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"Oof!" Was the only response James Mulzet gave as Winnie collided with him. James found himself teetering back as he wrapped his arms around Winnie, managing to balance himself out. He panted, clearly scared out of his wits. For christs sake, could you blame him for holding onto her for dear life? James hesitantly looked down as he tried to hold Winnie against him. Oh jesus he wanted to get down as quickly as possible. He didn't like this, oh no not one bit. Plus, Winnie's nails were digging into the back of his neck and it made James want to cry.

"Y-Yeah Ricky!" James called to his partner. "Ricky, I've got Winnie! All you have to do is let us down!"

And now Thea was getting annoyed. What the hell was she getting all worked up about?! She wasn't the friggin one in the tree, helping down a poor helpless girl and she definitely wasn't the one who had the fear of heights here. James grit his teeth. He was feeling the back of his neck going numb now. Great, just great.

"The-Thea, calm down! We're working as fast as we-"

Raine made a comment. It clearly made what little restraint James had left snap like a twig.

"Raine, not helping." James tried to turn his head but only managed just a tiny bit. Quite honestly Raine had every reason in the world to ask Winnie a sarcastic question, but it shifted James's attention away from holding onto Winnie. James wasn't a terribly good mood and sarcastic quips like that made him even more irate. "Thea, I love you, and this is going to be really rude but could you stop talking?! You're distracting meee-EEEeeaaaHHHHHH!"

The two-man ladder went tumbling and James had no idea until it was too late. Ricky tried to keep the balance but to no avail. Everything was dropping like a building filled with TNT and James did the only rational thing that he could think to do - he screamed!

"Ricky! Don- Ricky you son of a bitch, don't drop us! Don-"

The good news was that the distance between James and the ground was very small. The bad news was that James was the kind of boy who would scream like a little girl if it came to falling. He didn't like heights, and he especially hated falling from heights. Elevators made him nervous, skyscrapers doubly so. Don't even talk to him about mountain climbing, he may faint. Those few feet, those few, INSIGNIFICANT feet felt like miles to him and time slowed down to a crawl. Falling. Falllling. Fallllling. Faaallllliiin-

James landed on the ground with a loud thump. His whole body seized up and the pain of hitting the ground made his whole body numb with sheer pain. The fall knocked the wind out of him, and he coughed violently into his dirty sleeve as he gasped for what air he could muster. Every thought, every observation seemed to blow over his head, the only thing he knew was that he was alive. Was he alive? Yeah, he was alive. Maybe. James let out a jagged sigh as realization kicked in. Yeah. He was still alive, thank god. And Winnie! Yeah, she was okay! James had cushioned the fall so she-

That was when he saw the big picture. Winnie was still wrapped around him. On top of him. Draped over him.... no, not just draped. She was laid... ontop of him. Right in front of his girlfriend. The pain in his head roared, his cheeks bright red. Holy. Crap.

"Uhm." James blinked. "Uhh... h-hi?"

James laughed nervously.

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