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I need to fucking get out of here. I'm getting really sick of these stupid fucks.

Garrett groaned. Mister-faggy-accent was gone- good riddance, he was weaponless and utterly useless to Garrett at this point. He'd invited the other girl, the gunless one, to go with him, but unfortunately she'd hadn't gone. All Garrett really wanted was Rose- specifically, the protection Rose's gun gave him. The others could go fuck themselves as far as he was concerned. Hell, she could go fuck herself too, only he didn't want to use the gun. He only wanted to keep others from shooting him. So he needed someone else to handle the bang bang, shoot shoot, gunfight aspect of the game.

He'd break everyone else with his bare hands.

But now it was just him and the two girls. And- is this bitch fucking serious right now?- she'd plomped herself down on a tree stump and declared her boredom. Really? You're fucking BORED? This is SURVIVAL OF THE FUCKING FITTEST and you're BORED? Bitch, I'll knock you the fuck out and we'll see how bored you are. But there was that gun, getting in the way of his ideas again.

Instead Garrett took a few steps away from them, looking back.

"Plenty of excitement out there, I fuckin' bet. You two coming?"
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