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Ricky felt like he was in the fuckin' circus or something as he boosted James up the tree. He let James plant his feet on his shoulder on they way up, then just tried to keep a hold of James' legs as he reached for Winnie. This whole thing probably looked really gay.

"You almost got her?" he called up after a second. Damn, how long did they expect him to keep this whole thing balanced? Ricky glanced over at the rest of the party; Thea was too busy 'directing' the the process, and the German girl was barely five feet tall. Yeah, they wouldn't be helping. And now Thea was diving off to the side for some reason, what the hell was that? He tried turning his head around, before realizing that that might not be the best idea at the moment. How the hell did he get roped into these sort of things? All the fucking time, man. Hey Ricky, help us out, there's a girl in a fucking tree, do the goddamn grunt work.

Then Winnie started screaming her goddamn head off about something, and she was tossing herself at James like a freakin' cannonball. Ricky could feel the weight above him start lean backwards. "Hey man, you gotta hold her!"

Yeah, no one was listening to him. The German girl was screaming something, and Thea was sounding annoyed and yelling something too, and Ricky was just trying to keep everything steady, he was a fuckin' steady kind of guy, and that was when a giant fucking spider came flying out of the tree and landed on Ricky's head.


Now, Ricky was no wimp. He didn't have any girly "EEEEEEEEK A SPIDER" phobias or something like that. But you know what? It's still a shock to the system to have a giant fucking spider come flying out of a tree and land on your head.

Ricky shook his head wildly, trying to get that insect out of his hair and back on the ground, and had totally forgotten about James and Winnie for just a second. That was all it took. Then he was losing his balance, and he could feel the weight above him swaying once, then twice, and he tried to shuffle his feet to the side to keep the weight above him, but all he did was bump into the German girl. It's Raine something, isn't it? he found himself thinking for some reason, and then he finally lost his footing and down he went.

Great fucking way to start this thing.

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