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Rose sighed.

"Yeah, that's why I called it a long shot," she told Garrett. She was annoyed, but she made a solid effort at hiding it. The fact that she was surrounded by idiots actually added to the danger of the situation; the gambit she was being forced into playing required everyone else to be somewhat intelligent.

Rose knew how to use a gun, but by no means was she good with it. Garrett was close enough (and strong enough) to knock her out with one strike of his shinai, so she was essentially relying on his fear of her weapon; this, naturally, would fail if Garrett was too dumb to consider his own life.

Rose wasn't even factoring the other girl in, as all she had was a measly paring knife. The other girl would have to be very strong or very lucky to do anything with it, and in Rose's view the girl was far too shy to be either one of those things. The Romanian girl sat on a tree stump.

"Fuck, I'm bored," she said in a dejected manner. For such a brutal game, not a whole lot interesting was going on.
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