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Those first few seconds of uncertainness were... tense, to say the least. Hell, she could probably say that it was the most stressful situation she'd ever be in without so much as a hint of doubt. For once in her life, Vera felt like she was in real danger. That she was in a situation which could very well end with her dead, lying sprawled on the floor in a pool of her own blood as some unknown figure casually picked up her gun with a gleeful look in their eye.

She tried to shake off those thoughts... Now wasn't the time to start getting paranoid. Paranoia could turn to panic all too easily, and if she panicked... Well, hopefully that won't be the case. With any luck, whoever was hiding here would understand her predicament and work towards earning each other's trust. Who knows, maybe she might of even found a potential ally... Probably not, but you never know...

And sure enough, it didn't take long until Vera heard a certain female voice call out from around the corner.

YES! Thank god... Finally we're getting somewhere!

She didn't immediately recognize who it was at first... They sounded familiar, thats for certain. It wasn't anybody she knew personally though, otherwise she'd of just guessed it instantly. Not to mention the fact that someone she knew like Sarah or Madelyn wouldn't of just stayed silent like this girl had... Besides, she knew for a fact that none of her friends had a subtle Italian accent like that...

Damnit, who is she?!? I KNOW i've heard that voice somewhere before...


...Wait a minute... That accent... Who do I know who speaks like tha...... YES! Now I remember!

"Rosa? Is that you?"

She allowed herself a sigh of relief, lowering her guard somewhat as she took on board this new discovery. At the time, she suspected the hidden stranger to be one of the more shy and flowery students like Hilary Strand or Reika Isihda. So she was somewhat taken aback when she realised who it actually none other then Rosa Fiamette of all people.

My god, I must have seemed so... Patronising! How embarrassing...

"Thank christ... And here I was thinking some psychopath was readying an ambush or something..." she said, the tenseness in her voice slowly decreasing as she went on. She allowed herself then to speak more naturally, seeing as she now knew who she was dealing with. Admittedly, she didn't really know that much about Rosa herself apart from a couple of unfair rumours she was sure weren't true. Or at the very most were exaggerations of the actual truth. Either way, the fact of the matter was she had any little reason to believe Rosa would be the kind of person who'd buy into this and start playing... She just couldn't picture her as being the kind of person who'd do such a thing. Hell, she couldn't picture ANYONE at Bayview being the kind of person who'd gladly play along... Well, except maybe Monty Pondsworth. But he was in jail anyway as far as Vera was aware...

It was at that moment that she also realised that throughout the entirety of their encounter she'd never bothered to actually tell Rosa what her name was. She assumed that she'd of recognized her voice, but then again they'd never really spoken to each other before. She probably hadn't a clue who she was even now... Jesus, I could have made things a lot easier by just telling her that at the start!

May as well rectify that error now...

"Oh, I forgot to mention... Its Vera. Vera Osborne..."

Now that introductions are out the way, lets get on to business...

"Now then, I'm assuming that you're unarmed, seeing as you didn't offer to throw in a weapon yourself... I don't suppose you've got some way of proving that's the case?" she asked, knowing full well that there probably isn't a way for her to prove this claim... If they were going to try and make this work, chances are she'd end up having to take her word on it...

"...Without leaving yourself wide open, of course." she added as an afterthought nevertheless.
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