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Jackie was definitely not liking the chemistry going on between the four of them. Garrett was clearly pissed off -- and why wouldn't he? -- Rose seemed completely indifferent, and Rein seemed to be trying his best to make nice between everyone.

She did not answer Rose's question, since the answer was pretty obvious, as Garrett so eloquently put.

A glance at the knife in her hand reminded of stage fighting for West Side Story and the little wooden knives that they used to act the scenes out. She had been cast as a male member of one of the gangs, so she had a chance to practice knife fighting when those playing as the main characters weren't looking. The weight of the knife in her hand was definitely enough to make her mess up if she tried to stage fight with it, but if she messed up, then the other person would get hurt. Right then, that was a good thing.

"Actually I'll be going off on my ovn vay Garret." Rein said as he walked off. She would have said goodbye if she did not know that it was most likely for good. It took her by surprise when he turned to her and said, "Oh if you like you can tag along vid me or stay vid dose tvo. Your choice."

After a moment of contemplation, Jackie wiped her tears and, with a good wind-up, smacked herself across the face. The sting made her eyes close tightly, but the sharpness of the pain brought her back to reality. Damn it, Jackie, you're an actress! Audiences will throw flowers at your feet at the end of every show, and people will flock to you for your autograph! No way in hell will this island get in your way! Man the FUCK up! With a deep breath in through her mouth and big sigh pushed out her nose, she said, "I'll be okay. Hope you find who you're looking for."

As Rein ran off, Jackie glanced at her bag. Her weapon was still unknown to all, but she was just given a knife fit to fillet a small fish. If it cuts, it works. All else fails, she can chuck it at someone. I don't need to know what's in here and neither do these two.
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