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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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"I'm coming out!"

Well score one for clever deception. Ema grinned, giving Eve an appreciative pat on the shoulder. The ruse had worked fine; neither of them knew what Eve actually had for a weapon, but at least the one that had been watching them was revealed. Ema let out an audible sigh of relief at the sight of him, too. The boy may well have been armed with a gun, but he looked no more dangerous than she herself would - short-ish, average kinda build, and the most unthreatening face she'd seen in quite a while, complete with nervous expression and nerd glasses. All in all, Ema was actually surprised she couldn't recall his name, as he looked oddly familiar, and seemed like the sort she'd get on with, in normal circumstances.

"Let's talk."

Double score, he sounded just as unsure as Ema felt, so he was probably just as scared of her and Eve as she had been of him before. So talk Ema did. With a confident-looking smile and a small wave, she greeted the approaching young man.

"Hi! Don't worry, we're not dangerous either. I'm Ema, this is Eve. Wanna chill?"

Oddly enough, in her mind, Ema found herself wondering just why she hadn't lost her cool yet. Here she was, on an island she'd probably die on, in the company of a girl and a boy she'd just met, both of them probably armed, all three wearing collars that'd explode if they did something wrong. And yet she was coasting along on a feeling of comfortable optimism, with her gut telling her things would be fine, even as her mind pointed out the obvious. So as much as the girl realised she was probably doomed, she was quite easily capable of maintaining a calm, amiable air. Perhaps, had the circumstances of her awakening been different, if she'd been in dangerous company, she'd be feeling like she had for the few seconds between Eve hearing Ridley, and him coming into the open.

No, time enough to contemplate whether or not she should be terrified later on. For now, she was lucky, safer than she would've dared hope, and with what seemed like friendly company. So she'd stay smiling, and enjoy the feeling of security while it lasted. Because as her rational mind kept telling that blissful dreamer within her; it wouldn't last long.
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