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So she has a gun, then? He thinks to himself, shaking slightly in both fear and anticipation. The second emotion baffled him. Wait a second, calm down for a second. If they were playing, then they would have shot by now. No one playing would want a real alliance, right?

Ridley's brother was an avid viewer of Survival of the Fittest, so he knew the gist of what kinds of things went on in the "series." Some people played, others made alliances to stay alive longer. Only those playing did any real killing.

I know that I have a gun, so if worse comes to worst, I can take them.

The thought confused him a little, but he decided to take a chance. Holding his gun up with his fingers wrapped around the barrel instead of the handle, he waves it above the log so that they could see it being held in a non-hostile position.

"I'm coming out!" He calls in a shaky voice and heaves himself out of the moist tree stump on which he had been sitting on for the last several minutes. Keeping the gun raised and pointed into the sky, he raised his other hand as well in a show of peace, as it were. Once he was sure that they saw that he was willing to stop the fight before it began, he lowered the gun and stuffed the barrel into his deep cargo pants pocket. It made for a comfortable holster for the time being. Before he forgot, he took it back out and flipped the safety back on so that it wouldn't shoot him in the foot on accident. "Let's talk."
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