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To its credit, Al's subconscious mind had been doing an admirable job of keeping him in the dark up until that point. But, between the punch and the apology-lecture, there was little that could be done to shield Albert from the truth, and the cliche 'This is actually happening!' realization hit him. The response was... surprisingly minor. The boy's features softened, and he shook his head, taking Dougal's hand and pulling himself back to his feet.

"No worries." He smiled, brushing himself off, and blowing a lock of blue-and-blonde hair out of his face. "I'm sure we'll figure something out." Alright, so maybe he didn't need his subconscious' help to ignore the levity of the situation. "Oh, you got skis? Man, I wish there was some snow around here. But wait, then it'd get cold..." Shrugging, Al walked over to the other numbered bag, which he assumed was his, since it was sitting next to the one he packed for the trip. "Wonder what I got?"

Albert unzipped the bag labeled B151, and was greeted by what someone else might recognize as a Soviet 12-Gauge, Pump-Action TOZ-194. All he saw was a shiny black and silver shotgun. "Woah! Dougal, look at this!" Pulling the weapon (which was significantly too big for Al to wield comfortably) out of the bag, he grinned, hefting it in front of him, and doing his best Ahnold impression, before descending into a fit of giggles. "Ah'll be bahk!"
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