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Death. Death was right here, in front of Everett. Something he had never been faced with before. A human. Dead. It was so different from all those history books and novels. Those could make him feel queasy, but real, actual death staring him in the face? The horror was indescribable. And that was what awaited him. He would be just like Remi soon. Dead. Bleeding out. Stinking. Wait, no, he already had that down. He was pouring sweat, from fear and exertion.

But Josh was talking. Explaining things. Everett just listened. The boy speaking to him was right. He was actually right. Bayview had its share of jerks, but no remorseless killers. Remi... Yeah, he'd been dumb. Really dumb. He'd tried to pull the collar off. They'd been told not to do that. It would have been a pretty awful thing to bluff about. Someone was sure to try it. Of course it had happened. It might again. But really, all they had to do was keep moving, dodging the danger zones. One person had to die each day, right? That left them nearly a whole year! Surely someone would find them and rescue them by then.

"Yeah," he managed to say. "Yeah, Josh. You... you're right."

They could also fight the system. Bayview had its share of geniuses. They'd always bugged Everett so much. Now, though, he really, really wanted to see Peter McCue. Someone had to know enough about electronics to get these things off. And then, once they were free, they would just wait. Someone would come rescue them, catch the terrorists, save the day! Right on!

Everett stiffly straightened up, and said, "I'm with you, Josh. I'll help you. You... really think we can beat this?"

Yes. Yes, they would. They'd get out of here. Him and Josh and everyone else they could find. And people would only die if they got stuck in danger zones or freaked out or ran out of food. Oh. Right. Food. They'd have to do something about that. But surely there were some hunters in class. They were from Minnesota, after all. It'd be like Survivor or something. They'd be fine.

He knew it was a lie, but he could pretend, at least until someone started shooting.
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