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Jason saw the looks from a couple of them ... they seemed surprised. Dutchy even seemed scared for a second. Brendan just took the gun and chuckled.

Yes, there are those people...Jason isn't it? Yes, there are people like that, I know, but..." he spun the cylinders.
"Ain't much they can do without ammo, huh?"

He hadn't loaded the gun? Jason didn't know whether Brendan had been careless or whether it had been deliberate but ...

Better load it, Brendan. he thought to himself. No telling who's going to come along.

He looked around. Sarah and Roland were looking at a map, trying to decide where to go. (Although to him, it didn't matter: currently, the entire island was accessible, and there was equal chance of players and allies) His mid started to wander, thinking about what was going to happen to him, when ...


Jason's mind snapped back to reality when he heard the shot.

"What the hell was that?" he exclaimed. Of course, there wasn't much room for interpretation. It was a gunshot. Someone was playing. Someone needed help. As he opened his mouth, Sarah ran off, leaving the shield she had been issued. Who was that? Who got shot? Was it one of his friends?

"We have to get over there!" Jason shouted as he picked up Sarah's shield. "We have to help!" The funny thing was, Jason couldn't get himself to move. Simply put, Jason cared too much to just stand there, but he was too scared to actually go anywhere without someone else. What if the shooter's still there?

((Jason Clarke continued in D-Day - GMing of Jason by Solitair in upcoming post approved))
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