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She raised an eyebrow, slightly flummoxed at what Ema was saying. Did she really have what it takes to play, kill innocent people in front of America? She wanted to get back to Octavia... but...

Survival of the Fittest. The strong will survive. The weak must die.

Closing her eyes, she swallowed as that tagline ran through her head. She had watched the show a few times, didn't really get into it that much. It was just another show, a mixture of Lost and Big Brother with some ultra-violence. And now she found out it was all real. Perfect. Just her horrible luck. Just when everything was going her way, Jack, Octavia, the apartment, dancing. She really was lucky.

She glanced at the bag. How lucky was she really? Eve knew how it worked. Everyone had even odds to get any weapon, the man said. What were her chances to get something that wasn't a joke? It seemed Ema had struck out with her weapon, so if the person behind was playing, it would be all up to her.

Girl Eighty Four, the dancer with a boyfriend and baby back home. Something to fight for, to live for, to come back home to.

"Well, now that you've given the surprise away, there's no need for the person to hide any longer."

Giving her features a slightly bored mask as she turned around, Eve gave a yell, brushing her blue streak out of her eye. "Your choice. Either we have a shoot-out right here, right now, or you come on out and we have a good calm chat. I'm open to an alliance."

Of course, she didn't have any kind of gun. She hadn't even opened the bag.

But the person hiding didn't know that.
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