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(Simon Grey continued from Two Roads Diverged in a Dark Hellhole)

He was out.

He breathed a sweet sigh of relief, rubbing one hand along his forehead. He had not pulled out his flashlight the entire way--had been too afraid of giving away his position. Out in the light it was different; out here, even if he were seen, he was a known quantity, as was his enemy. They would be recognizable to each other, regardless of what was going through their heads.

In there, though...in there they would have been faceless enigmas, people who could have killed him (or he them) easily. He would rather avoid that. But it had made for slow and treacherous going, and the air was thick in there--thicker than even the darkest parts of his conversation with Raidon.


But no, save that for later, save that for a time when he could effectually breakdown. For now, he had to be on guard. He had not had time, in the struggle to control his panic, to contemplate his next move. Now that he was free, now that he had returned to sunlight, he could start to think.

He made his way out into the dawning light, eyes closed as a cool sea breeze wrapped around him, filled his lungs with a suffusion of oxygen. Soon enough he felt the shifting of sand (albeit rocky sand--he could feel it jabbing him through his boots) beneath his feet. Here was a place for him to cool his heels, get his shit in order. Here was a place-

Someone yelled. He opened his eyes and froze.

Almost immediately in front of him were two girls, one helping the other. He didn't see the guy who'd yelled--he sounded relatively close by, close enough to be heard over the lulling breath of the ocean--but the girls were considerably closer--no more than twenty, thirty feet away.

...Oh, Christ, I've been walking with my eyes closed. They'll think I'm a creeper. A stalker. A player.

Say something.



Simon's lips refused to move.
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