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Andrea wanted to roll her eyes at Alex's remark. Really now, he had a stick. She could not remember offhand anyone who had proceeded to an SOTF endgame using a stick as a weapon.

Jesus Christ, endgame. Dodd and Jensen and Sidney Crosby. Calvert and Mariavel Varella. Riz and Lulu. Trish and Lenny. Funny the way that players were known by different monikers. First names, last names, whole names, nicknames. How would they refer to Andrea Raymer online? Or would they at all? No one remembered the boring kids with no personality who lasted two days before they stood around and got shot or attacked someone for no reason and were axed in the chest.

Yeah. She was really here. This was fucking reality. She'd known SOTF was real of course, it was just that reality was taking on a whole new level right now. Fights. Deaths. Fucking rapes and mutilations. It was crazy. Would she-- would she be---


She knew this shit. She'd know what to do. She would she would she would she would...

...she would have to project her thoughts somewhere else for now.

Nick. That worked. Nick was dealing with Alex using what she assumed was his usual aplomb and grace. Ugh. The dude had this sullen jackass attitude when he talked to people, which was clearly inferior to her... perky jackass attitude. Yeah. Clearly. Damnit, this placement must've been deliberate. Nick went and sat on a stump, and she glanced over to Alex, shrugging.

"Well, as you can see we're a cheerful little group here, but uh, yeah come on over, Alex, I'm not doing anything in particular at the moment. Unless you're coming over to beat on me with your stick, and no offense I'm sure you're very confident with your, uh, stick, but you'll probably need something more than that at some point, since uh, it's Survival of the Fittest and all, and uh, heh heh heh," it's real you're really here and now you're just-- "ah Christ I gotta sit down again."

She did, and felt a bit better. "I don't suppose you saw a black flip-flop on the ground, did you?"

While waiting for Alex to officially join them, Andrea picked her way through the bag. She'd go through the instructions for the gunpowder later; she had no idea how to actually use the stuff. First aid kit, yep. Flashlight. Water and possibly delicious crackers. Danya's no-doubt hilarious Survival Guide. She pulled out the map to check it, and glanced up just in time to see Nick make a big show out of taking a pill. Oh ye GODS. Who did this guy think he was, captain of the Brooding Angsty Badasses or something? Didn't he know who he was talking to? What, was she supposed to be impressed that he was dramatically-- wait a minute.

She was staring. He noticed.

"What? Nothing Nick, I see they let you keep your, uh, whatever pills, you uh, should count yourself lucky there cause lotsa times they take those just because it's funny but I... yeah, good for you I just gotta check something..."

Yeah, she couldn't let that go on any longer.

Trying to be casual but failing miserably, Andrea reached over to her personal bag of stuff and began pawing through it. Hey, they'd let Nick keep his stuff so maybe they weren't searching through the bags anymore and maybe they were just allowing any substances this year and yeah that had to be the case and then she was zipping open her yellow travel bag and checking inside.


They hadn't taken everything.

Just most of it.


She could tell right away that her Vicodins were gone. So was that other benzo, she'd forgotten what exactly. There goes a couple hundred bucks down the drain she thought, and wanted to laugh again. But those weren't the important ones. Her caffeine pills were gone, for example. Those were important.

She had Aspirin. Hoo-ray. And a pill bottle of Wellbutrin, which wouldn't be much use to anyone, and what the hell was this stuff? Remeron? Andrea pulled the canister out. Ugh. Some crappy antidepressant she'd gotten a while back and couldn't sell to anyone. 'MAY INCREASE APPETITE', it cautioned. Oh yeah, that was going to be fucking useful, she'd definitely want to be hungrier on this island a week from now.

"Hey, want these?" she called to Nick, tossing them over where he was sitting. Then she looked into the bag one more time... and saw it in the corner. A sudden, absurd, wave of gratitude towards Danya hit her.

Trying to avoid any shaking, she prodded her personal Holy Grail with one finger, tentatively. It was there all right. She rolled it to the center of the bag, giving it the place of honor it deserved. But she had to control herself. She had to control herself, she couldn't just empty the bottle out into her hand and count exactly how many she had in front of everyone else.

Because Andrea could see that they hadn't left her all of them. She'd had a canister pretty much topped up with her own personal Ritalin/Adderall stash when they set out, and the one she was looking at now was less than half full. She didn't think it'd be enough to last her through the game, at least not to any comfortable degree. Goddamnit. The feeling of gratitude was thankfully squashed, and she set the bag down in her lap again and leaned backwards, thinking.

Fucking Danya. He'd probably laughed his ass off at her stash. He had his file on her, that file that was up on the SOTF website right now for fankids to analyze and curious onlookers to check out when they saw her on a live feed. Danya knew what her basic deal was. He'd probably told his troops exactly how many pills to leave to maximize the entertainment she'd give the viewing audience. Thought he was so fucking smart. Like anyone watching the show gave a shit about Danya, or whatever his vague terrorist plans were. They watched the show because of the students.

Like her.

They would watch for Andrea fucking Raymer.

She was above him. She'd show him, never mind what a fucking cliche that is.

She just had no idea how yet.
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