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Can you hear me?
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Kari had just sighed, and acted as if she wanted to explain something.

What was wrong? Carol was freaking out here, and all she could do was attempt to explain something? What was going on? Why was she holding a gun? Why was she acting all hesitant? What the hell was the matter with her? What's with all the water? Absolutely nothing made sense here!

She could vaguely hear someone shout out asking if they needed help, but she couldn't focus on it. Hell, Carol couldn't even see the guy who was saying it. All that was going on in her mind right now was water, water, and oh, did we mention water? Seriously. If only she could just get back to where everyone else was, that would be dandy.

Then Kari finally mentioned that they weren't in Minnesota anymore. What did she mean, "not in Minnesota"?! As far as she knew, they wouldn't take them so far out of the state! Why would they do that? Carol noticeably tensed up even more, and the rest of Kari's speech she could only get bits and pieces of.

Something about evolution... something about lakes and oceans... home... auditorium... teachers getting shot... her mind could barely focus on it.

And that's when she remembered.

That boy in the video they showed, he just shot and stabbed that girl like it was nothing! And she was his friend as far as Carol could tell! Friends weren't supposed to do something like that! Friends were supposed to be nice to each other and help each other no matter what! Why would he do that? That was horrible!

And they were expected to be... just... like... him.

The teachers were dead. They weren't coming to save her or punish those responsible for leaving her near a body of water. They were gone. Every last one that had come on the trip. That wasn't supposed to happen! Carol was supposed to graduate and go back to Nevada to meet her friends from home! Were they watching this? What was going on in their minds?

"Kari..." she whimpered, her eyes widening. Carol's body was now shaking all over, and her vision seemed to be dimming. No! They couldn't be here!

Kari had extended her hand a second time. Grabbing it, in Carol's eyes, meant that she had to accept what was happening. But, could she?

Carol lifted her arm to take Kari's hand, but it seemed unsteady. One could easily see that it was shaking, and that she was hesitant. But soon enough, it had become close enough to her hand, and Carol went to grab it.

"I need... away..." she tried to say. Every single thought in her mind was replaced by fear, as if she couldn't form coherent sentences right now.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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