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Alex was trying to calm Jessica down and for all intent and purposes it was working. Jessica shuddered and tried her best not to look back at the corpse that used to be Warren Brown when Fiona started talking about him. She couldn't help it though. She looked back, feeling the muscles in her throat tighten up. She was thirsty again and she looked back at the bag in the flowerbed she found herself in. She looked back at Nik, trying something, anything to focus on other than Warren.

Yet, they weren't going to understand unless she explained everything. Jessica tried to recall everything that happened previously.

"I couldn't see much," Jessica spoke earnestly. "My eyesight wasn't all that great, I-I had just woken up. I could see a body and someone hovering over it. Had to be Omar now that I think about it. He had a gun in his hand, I remember that and-" her face grew pale, almost disgusted. "What I remember most about our conversation was that he was... smiling. He killed someone in cold blood and he threw a bottle at me, told me to take care of myself and walked off. He was smiling the whole time, and I bought it! It wasn't until a minute later when I..."

Jessica took a deep breath. It wasn't going to help her case if she freaked out. Calm down, like Alex told her. Deep breaths.

"To be honest I wouldn't have a clue where he would go... He went that way." She pointed past Fiona and down the street. "And anyone he would be looking for? Well, Omar mentioned Sierra Manning. I don't know her all that well, but she's a friend of Josie Vernon. That might be why he didn't bother killing me, because I knew Sierra." She looked back at Alex. "Josie told me that she's going out with Omar, I think. If that's the truth then..." Jessica went quiet for a moment. She really didn't want to think badly of anyone. She gulped. "Then... I don't know. Maybe he's playing for her? I don't know..."

She held her head in her hands. This was too much to take in. It made Jessie's head very numb, too much information, too much bullshit to process. She kept quiet for the next minute, switching between looking at Fiona and Nik. Nik was suggesting that they get into a group. Jessie forced a smile. Yeah, that sounded like a good idea. Groups made her nervous in real life, but here they sounded... smart. Jessica could get behind Nik's reasoning. He sounded like a good leader and it was true, they had good weapons. Really good weapons. That could be a great advantage to them.

"I like it." Jessica left her thoughts at that as she looked back at Alex. "What do you think Alex?"

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