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When Ericka emerged from the grass she realized that she made a huge mistake, the others were much closer than she had thought. Although the person who she had considered the bigger threat had his back turned, and neither he nor Rena appeared to have guns, Ericka still felt herself frozen with panic.

"Wait! Wait. Everyone stop. Let's not get this out of...out of hand." She heard Rena say, "You both know I'm Rena...so who are you?"

Ericka didn't know how to respond. Rena didn't need their names, she was just trying to defuse a tense situation. Ericka was well aware of that, it was the only reason to ask that question, but Ericka was only getting more tense. The only way she'd be less tense would be if the others left.

The boy began to answer Rena's question, his name was Alex. Ericka almost felt like Rena's attempt to make peace had worked, but then Alex lunged at the other girl. Ericka pointed her gun in the direction of the others, filled with fear over what might happen next.
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