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((Isabel Guerra continued from Mirror Mirror))

Isabel kept low and followed after Roland as per his instructions. She slunk along with her trumpet weapon grasped tightly in her hand.

This place is so sad, she thought looking around the carnival. It was once a place where people came to have fun and forget their problems. Now this place was their problem. She doubted there was anyone ever who was having less fun at a carnival than they were.

"Hey, What's your Na-?"

Isabel heard the boy begin to ask her name. She had heard him alright, but she didn’t answer. It was easy enough to pretend she hadn’t in the chaos. She preferred it this way; him not knowing her name. If he asked again at a calmer time, she supposed she would have to, since Roland certainly knew who she was. For now she let the question go unanswered.

Up ahead she saw Roland duck down. She did likewise and crouched down low, despite not having anything to hide behind. He advanced forward once more and she did the same, this time hiding behind a dusty whack-a-mole machine. She set her trumpet, Partario, on the top of where moles would usually come out of and peered over the top.

Four people. Three girls, one boy.

Out of all of them Isabel only recognized Kyle. He was dating one of her best friends, Hayley.

Hayley. I wonder where you are. I hope you are doing alright.

During the course of her short time on the island, it never occurred to Isabel to go look for anyone. She knew that many times on Survival of the Fittest people would wake up and make it their goal to find someone they cared about. Isabel didn’t really have anyone like that, but the closest thing she did have was probably Hayley. And yes, Isabel had watched Survival of the Fittest. She had watched it religiously. This wasn’t something she was proud of…. Again, Isabel tried to push the thoughts out of her head by focusing on the moment.

“That girl has a gun,” she observed of the girl grabbing another girl.

She saw Roland motion to them to come over. Hesitantly she obeyed, grabbed Partario and crawled over. Isabel heard Dave protest and give up, she couldn’t help a little smile. Probably the very first smile she had cracked since waking up.

“Should we just leave Kyle out there?” she asked in a low voice
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