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((Dave Morrison, continued from Mirror Mirror))

Dave sighed as he was dragged through the Carnival. It was pretty much all ground he'd covered earlier, but he just decided to let Roland struggle though, figuring out his own way around. So he just decided to let Roland bark his commands to him and the slightly saner girl.

I really need to ask for her name at some point before I give myself a headache.

"Hey, What's your Na-?" Dave was cut off by shouting, and followed Roland behind some bins. The smell was foul, whatever was in there had long since composted. Dave held his breath and peeked his head up over one. He could see shit was going down, some kind of hostage situation. It was pretty close, too. He was surprised to notice that he actually knew two of them.

"Shit, that's Kyle, I think... and Gracie?" He tried to keep his voice low, mostly to keep Roland happy. Dave was more than convinced that even if he talked normally they probably wouldn't hear him over the screaming. "Yeah, definitely Gracie pulling the emo's hair."

Dave looked over at the slightly saner girl, then back to Roland. He could already tell he was gonna do something stupid.

"Roland, don't do it, Bro." He said, trying to dissuade him, even knowing it probably wouldn't get him anywhere. "Gracie's an obnoxious bitch, but she don't have it in her to be a murderer. She's probably just angry the emo tried to steal her happy meal or something."

"We should just hang back and-" Roland started motioning for them to join him in his inevitable idiotic crusade to rescue the damsel in distress.

"Fucking Dumbass!" Dave said, quickly moving towards him, and trying to stop the guy who was... almost a foot taller than him...

This is not gonna end well.
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