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Sally gazed at the boy. He seemed strong and able, but it didn’t look like he had a weapon about him. She tried to decide whether or not to call out to him, but the decision was made for her when a boy was impaled on the fence a little ways away from her.

“Oh my God! Gross!” she screamed in equal parts fear and disgust as the boy’s bloodied body succumbed to its own weight and ripped down from the fence.

She jumped up, grabbed her bag and ran as fast as her heels would allow her, away from the open area near the fence.

As someone who nearly constantly wore high heels, she was going at a decent pace. Her eyes scanned the area, trying to find a place that wasn’t perilous cliff side. In the distance she saw a place where the cliff began sloping more gently. She stopped running, not hearing any pursuers and not wanting to get more disheveled than she already was.

“Great start,” she mumbled.

((Sally Connelley continued in Where is My Mind? )

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