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"Everett? Hey, you in there? C'mon man, speak to me..."

This... Wasn't good. It wasn't as if he couldn't really blame Everett for freaking out at the sight of a headless corpse. Hell, he was surprised HE hadn't freaked by now... Maybe I already have? What if I, like, went SO batshit crazy from the very sight that dead guy that all of this is just one big crazy hallucination?!?

Ah well, might as well roll with it...

Joking aside, the fact still remained that it'd probably be best to get a move on... Joshua didn't know much about biology, but even HE knew that staying around a corpse was a definite no-no... There were nasty diseases you could catch, nauseous smells that could attract unwanted attention... And the plain simple fact that it wasn't exactly a pleasant thing to have lying around the place!

Now, if only he could convince Everett...

"Hate to break it to you man, but he ain't coming back up. Staring at him long enough ain't gonna work either, you know..."

No reply.

"Uh... Look, um... The longer we stay here, the worse it's gonna get y'know? We may as well get a move on while the gettings good, y'know what I'm saying?"

STILL no reply...

He considered the possibility of just leaving Everett there to mope in his own sorrows as he looked for a way off this island... Briefly. He quickly chucked the thought aside, shocked that such an idea could ever even occur to him. He couldn't leave Everett alone out here... Who knows what the hell could happen? Sure, they barely knew each other... Come to think of it, he couldn't remember ever actually talking to Everett before today... But damnit! Joshua wasn't about to leave the living person he'd come across to wallow in his own fear...

Okay then... Seems i'm gonna have to be more convincing then that...

With that in mind, he grabbed Everett's right's shoulder. Shaking him briefly in order to get the heavier boy's full attention on him...

"Everett, listen to me man! I know things are looking bad right now... I don't blame you for being scared an' all... Hell, even i'm scared! Scared shitless I tell ya... But we gotta move on! Face the facts, y'know?"

"And besides, think about it man! You really think anybody's actually gonna buy into this? Name me ONE guy you could honestly imagine actually playing along... I know I can't! Sure, the're plenty of assholes around here... Guys like Dustin Royale and Philip Ward... But could you imagine even a guy as much as a douche as Phil being sick enough to actually go around killing people?"

"I'm not sayin' we ain't got nothin' to worry about... That dead guy over there's proof enough that these guys mean business. But the only reason HE died was 'cause he was being an idiot and tried to remove his collar thingie! Not that some crazed madman came along and blew his head off or something..."

Well... Probably, anyway.

"I'm sure there must be a way to get these collars off WITHOUT blowing ourselves up... There are plenty of smart guys here who know a lot about electronics, right? Maybe one of THEM could figure out a way to get 'em off... And once we've gotten that out the way, we can concentrate on finding a way out of here!"

"You hear me Everett? We can do it man! We can FIGHT the system! Hit 'em where it hurts! Show them they can only force us to do two things around here... Jack, and SHIT!"

"So whaddya say, man... Are you with me?"

He offered Everett his hand, taking the opportunity to take a breather as he eagerly awaited the other boy's response...

... He just prayed that there would actually be one this time.
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